NERF WARS happens the first and third Saturday of every month where we open our 18,000 sq. ft. gym facility to all out warfare.

Children bring their own Nerf guns, while we provide over 5,000 bullets. Some Saturdays will be a shoot out where we allow children free range of the padded facility to shoot each other with the foam bullets, while other Saturdays will be a battle against Red/ Blue teams. Nerf Wars is open to ALL AGES, that means, YES you can jump in too mom!

We sell safety glasses for those who value their vision and at 8 pm we open our group fitness room to pizza for an additional $5
Upon arrival of Rumble Training Center, we have the legal guardian sign a wavier and pay with our staff at the front desk, this will approximately take five to ten minutes so prepare in advance for that. 
At 5 pm we offer a free kids MMA class to get the energy flowing and for you to have a taste of our normal gym services. Derek Overby, our kids instructor teaches the kids a wide range of style of mixed martial arts with a focus on Jiu Jitsu. Kids leave the class learning real life lessons through a meditative sport. 

We also host Nerf Wars birthday parties too!

If you have any questions call us at 850-495-2632
We look forward to having you join us for Nerf Night!!